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I went to school for over thirteen years where I was graded by how much I could remember. Not once did I have a class to teach me how to remember.

-Victor Henson-

Our Goal


Our Purpose

In perspective, imagine you send your child to a self-defense class. They don't teach them how to defend themselves. They beat on them until they learn.

Please ask any student these two questions!
1. Do you think you can do better in school if you have a greater memory?
2. Have you learned, in school, how to have a greater memory?

Pleae read on and we will help you for free!

I believe we have a fundamental problem in our schools curriculums. They don't teach the students how to remember. They just expect them to learn. What the schools do is encourage children to read. The National Education Association has had programs every year for years. See them at
http://www.nea.org. We have heard children who read or are read to do better in school. Why do they do better? Has anyone explained it? It helps them to learn. Why does it help them to learn? I will explain why. When we read or listen to a story we visualize the story. The better the writer is able to paint the picture for us the better the story is. This process gives us the foundation for remembering. A great part of what we remember is stored in pictures we create in our minds. The sequence of the story organizes the pictures. We then remember the story. What schools lack in teaching is to provide an organized method to remember whatever we want!

At Greater Memory we want you to learn an organized method to remember whatever you want! We want you to teach others. We want you to get excited when you experience the ability to remember things like never before! We want you to KNOW it WORKS! We want you to talk to Teachers. Tell your friends. Tell everyone! Tell others to talk to their friends and teachers. Reading is great but there is so much more we can do.

For now we offer only one, very good, basic memory method. It has instructions to remember any ten random items. Can you remember any ten random items and repeat them back in any order? If you can then you don't need our memory technique.

Here is a test;

1) A loaf of wheat bread. 2) A five pound bag of sugar 3) A pair of blue tennis shoes. 4) A full size red van. 5) A leather baseball glove. 6.) A football. 7) A new computer. 8) A big frog. 9) The space shuttle. 10) A high school stadium.

Look away and see how many you can repeat or write down. Do you want to learn how to remember any list like this? After you learn and practice our memory technique you will be able to remember a list like this. You will also be able to repeat it back in any order! Imagine how much greater anyone would do in school knowing how to remember like this.

If you want to learn the basic Greater Memory technique please click below and tell us what format you would like. A txt, doc or pdf file. We will email the instructions back to you. You can learn to have a Greater Memory! If you want to contribute to this web site please click the Make a Donation icon!

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